10 Ways an Internal Audit Can Work with Compliance to Increase Value

Eoin Hudson Opinions, Research

Hyperproof summary: a comprehensive article that walks through ten things an internal audit can do when working with compliance to increase the combined value of both. The article goes into each item in depth, so we’ve only outlined them here, but they provide a good starting point for the time-strapped reader.


  1. Help compliance become control-savvy
  2. Back up compliance when it needs to say ‘no’
  3. Consider the big impact of small failures
  4. Cooperate, but maintain clear lines between compliance and internal audit
  5. Engage compliance for better policies and procedures
  6. Emphasize deterrence over detection in compliance controls
  7. Assure compliance training is adaptive and effective
  8. View compliance risk through the lens of behaviors and actions
  9. Aid compliance in evaluating and communicating its value proposition
  10. Internal audit and compliance should cooperate on investigations


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