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Highspot Builds Continuous Compliance Program with Hyperproof



ISO 27001


SOC 2 Type 2


Highspot is the sales enablement platform that increases the performance of sales teams by bridging the gap between strategy and execution. The platform brings together content management, guided selling, onboarding, training, coaching and buyer engagement together in a single, unified solution that gives revenue leaders everything they need to drive scalable, predictable revenue growth.

Product Used: Compliance Operations Module, Vendor Risk Management Module

Quick Facts: Computer Software // Seattle, WA

The Challenge

Having seen a huge amount of success and hypergrowth, Highspot saw a need to establish a strong compliance program that could keep up with the pace of growth. Highspot wanted a solution that would allow the compliance team to move away from relying on technology like spreadsheets to manage their controls. To fully understand what controls are in place and how they’re operating over time, Highspot needed software that serves as a single repository of controls and provides better visibility.

On top of this, Highspot was looking for a platform that could support the maintenance of two compliance frameworks (ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2) annually. To prepare for audits, Senior Compliance Manager Tony Dell’Ario wanted a software solution that would ensure that the proper evidence was collected for each accompanying control on a continuous basis.

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We were managing two separate compliance programs out of hierarchical folders, spreadsheets, and Google Drive. I wanted to get us to a place where we were proactively preparing for audits. If we could demonstrate that we were continuously compliant throughout the year, we’d be ready for an audit any time.


Senior Compliance Manager // Highspot

Tony Dell’Ario


  • 300 controls managed in Hyperproof
  • 2 audits streamlined per year
  • 150 vendor questionnaires answered annually through automation

Since implementing Hyperproof, Highspot has not only streamlined its compliance and controls management work, but also simplified their vendor risk management process. With the help of Hyperproof, Highspot has:

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Hyperproof has made it much easier for me to conduct security reviews of new vendors. Some weeks I’ll have five vendor questionnaires to review – Hyperproof makes this volume achievable. With Hyperproof I can record who the business owner is, who the vendor contact is, what the questionnaire is for, and when it was last reviewed. When I need to bring in leadership to do a deeper review, I know that this all can be viewed in Hyperproof.


Senior Compliance Manager // Highspot

Tony Dell’Ario

Additional Results

Clear and Meaningful Reporting to Leadership Team

Highspot’s compliance team uses Hyperproof to report high-impact findings to upper management. At quarterly business reviews, Dell’Ario is able to clearly explain the current state of Highspot’s compliance posture with Hyperproof’s easy-to-read and comprehensive analytics dashboards.

Intuitiveness of Platform

Before moving forward with Hyperproof, Highspot reviewed a number of other GRC tools. Dell’Ario found Hyperproof to be the most intuitive and easy-to-use platform. This was key for productivity and for ensuring that business stakeholders outside the compliance function would utilize the software to complete their tasks. With Hyperproof, Highspot employees across the company can easily provide evidence for vital controls.

Improved Workflows and Task Management With Integrations

In order for a continuous compliance program to be truly successful, stakeholders across business functions need to be aligned and do their part to support the effort. To drive accountability for compliance across the organization, Highspot utilizes various app integrations with Hyperproof. The compliance team has found that integrating Hyperproof with Google Drive, Jira, and Datadog has helped to streamline workflows and task management for stakeholders both in and outside of the compliance function.

“I’m the primary person responsible for compliance at Highspot and I communicate with people at Hyperproof all the time,” says Dell’Ario. “Because of the communication, I feel like the people I work with at Hyperproof are an extension of my compliance team.”

Tony Dell’Ario
Senior Compliance Manager at Highspot

Amplified Compliance Support

Compliance professionals have a lot on their plates and oftentimes don’t have time to dedicate to learning new software platforms or features. Hyperproof’s highly communicative customer success team enables Highspot’s compliance team to efficiently learn about and master new platform features.

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With Hyperproof, Highspot was able to create a single source of truth for compliance and automated routine, repetitive work, steamlining workflows and reducing work for teams across the organization.

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