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Why Partner with Hyperproof?

Hyperproof is committed to your business growth.

Our goal is clear: we’re committed to your success. Our priority is to improve your margins, increase your services as you scale, and differentiate you from the market as it grows.

Eliminate tedious manual processes

by removing redundant, tedious work for your clients so they can focus on more strategic tasks

Get the competitive business advantage

of supporting your customers with cutting-edge technology so you can stay head of the competition

Help your customers scale

with 100+ out-of-the-box frameworks that provide coverage for risk, gap, and readiness assessments

We’re easy to do business with

and we integrate with your business model, going the extra mile to prioritize your success

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Hyperproof provides the extra bandwidth we need to be true strategic advisors to our clients.

John Riley

Founder and Co-CEO // Omnistruct

John Riley
High-Quality Partnerships

Who do we partner with?

IT Auditors

Assessors providing a more collaborative and streamlined experience

Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers who support their customers’ security and compliance

Risk, Compliance, and Controls Advisors

Experts who combine their compliance knowledge with process and system implementation

Cybersecurity Resellers

Trusted advisors that recommend tools for managing security and compliance

Our Partner Services

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With Hyperproof, we save tons of time by reducing the back-and-forth our auditors have with IT professionals.


Executive Vice President/Partner, Information Risk Management // The Bonadio Group

Map controls across frameworks

to eliminate doing redundant manual work, quickly add new frameworks, and ensure your controls are always up-to-date across frameworks.

Save hours of time on remediation

by centralizing risk management and tracking customers’ risks in the Hyperproof risk register to ensure no risk is missed.

Project management made easy

with tools like issues management, automated controls testing, and dozens of integrations with the tools you love.

Streamline evidence collection and management

to quicken the timeline to audit completion by using Hyperproof to organize evidence, easily associate evidence with DRLs, reuse evidence across frameworks and automatically test controls.

Collaborate with auditors and advisors

to streamline information sharing between compliance teams and auditors in Hyperproof to ensure the process is more organized and efficient, saving hours of time and reducing cost.

Minimize negative audit findings

by ensuring your evidence is always up-to-date and leveraging detailed reports on your customers’ compliance posture to improve relationships with your clients.

100+ out-of-the-box compliance frameworks

with built-in requirements and customizable controls so your customers can easily add new frameworks to scale quickly

Easily collaborate across teams

with a suite of tools that alert risk owners and enable users to create, assign, and complete tickets in their existing project management or ticketing systems.

Improve compliance posture visibility

with Hyperproof’s robust reporting that helps you understand your customers’ compliance, risk, and audit-readiness postures, all updated in real-time.

Real-world Examples

Success Stories

Case Study
How Omnistruct Achieved a 6x Increase in Client Service Capacity with Hyperproof
Case Study
How the Bonadio Group Streamlined and Expedited IT Audits For Their Clients With Hyperproof

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