Meet Your Business Needs

Build Custom Frameworks with Hyperproof

Create your own framework or upload a niche framework needed by your business in Hyperproof to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Create Your Own Framework

Custom frameworks help you:

Quickly collect evidence for your next audit

Automate evidence collection and link evidence to requirements and controls with dozens of integrations to ensure your proof is always up-to-date for your next audit.

Automate evidence collection

Collect and view your risks in a single place

Hyperproof’s risk register enables risk owners to consistently document the results of risk assessments so leaders can better manage resources and prioritize mitigation activities.

Easily assign tasks to framework collaborators

Ensure the work gets done by automating task assignments and reviewing workflows within the platform to maximize the output of your team so you never have to worry about delays.

Frameworks at a Glance

Understand your compliance posture at a glance

Understand how your team is progressing toward satisfying requests from auditors with dashboards and reporting that can be shared with key stakeholders.

Reuse your work to satisfy other frameworks

Use Hyperproof’s Jumpstart feature to map your existing controls across multiple frameworks so you can quickly add new programs.

Reuse your work to satisfy other frameworks

Create a Custom Framework to

Manage IT checklists and operations

Handle financial

Run a vendor compliance program

Manage legal or oversight procedures

Streamline employee onboarding

Operate unique or niche frameworks

Unlock Compliance Success for Your Business

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