Operationalize Your Compliance And Security Efforts

Optimize your team's compliance management and security efforts by using Hyperproof to organize, standardize, and automate their work.

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Streamlining Compliance for Companies Including


What You Can Do With Hyperproof

Compliance program templates


Forecast compliance work


Plan and execute all compliance work

Hyperproof is an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for doing work in the security assurance, privacy and corporate compliance realms. With Hyperproof, you can get started quickly with any compliance framework, cut out manual work related to control mapping, control testing, evidence collection/management, and gauge your audit-preparedness posture in real-time.

Being able to easily identify controls that can satisfy requirements of multiple standards and link them together in our compliance software, we’re able to minimize redundant work.


Richard Guerrero
Director of Risk and Compliance

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Assign control ownership
Streamline control management
Standardize evidence collection
Define cadences for controls monitoring

Standardize and automate workflows

Infosec compliance professionals’ workloads have increased exponentially in the recent years as customers make heavy demands of their vendors to provide security assurance. Hyperproof can help to reverse this alarming trend and prevent burnout in the infosec field by providing tools that allow compliance pros to define clear processes, automate common workflows and collaborate seamlessly with business unit stakeholders.

With Hyperproof, we no longer need to remind ourselves to do specific compliance tasks. The system flags items that are about to expire, helping me keep up my review of controls and evidence. Hyperproof gives us the structure to make sure we’re staying on top of all of our compliance obligations.


Carl Lombardi
VP of Operations

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Ensure consistent evidence management
Reduce legal risks

Create an evidence management system that scales

With Hyperproof, you’ll save time when collecting evidence of controls’ effectiveness, while ensuring that evidence collection tasks happen consistently to produce relevant and fresh compliance artefacts. Further, Hyperproof makes it easy to organize evidence so it can be reused to satisfy multiple compliance.

With Hyperproof, I can collect evidence from one product group, take it to another, and ask them, ‘Is this what you do? If not, how do you differ?’ Not only can I get my work done faster, we’re not asking teams to start from ground zero. Having current evidence is critical in helping people know how to answer my questions and what information I’m looking for.

Hyperproof Customer

Global Data Protection Compliance Team, Fortune 500 Company


Assess your vendors and manage 3rd party risks effectively

As you onboard more third-parties, you’ll end up sending more questionnaires to your vendors and suppliers. If you do this manually, they might get lost, overlooked, or never retained. You might receive erroneous data or data in multiple formats that need an integration process to consolidate it into something meaningful. Hyperproof can help you assess vendor risk more quickly and accurately -- freeing up your team’s time to focus on strategic matters.

Vendor Risk Management

Explore Hyperproof’s Vendor Risk Management Solution

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With Hyperproof, we’re able to understand actual risks much better and prioritize focus areas. It’s effortless to link risks back to controls in Hyperproof and see which risks aren’t sufficiently mitigated yet.


Richard Guerrero
Director of Risk and Compliance

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Executive overview dashboard
Audit level reporting

Create and share reports on your risk, security and compliance posture

With Hyperproof, you can monitor your risk, security and compliance posture in real-time via dashboards, showcase your team’s progress with custom reports, and effectively communicate to company executives why security and compliance work matter.

With Hyperproof, we’re able to show our stakeholders that compliance is not a problem, it’s beneficial to them. By working together, stakeholders are able to better understand the gaps -- so they can turn the gaps into a wishlist for things they like to do, and demonstrate the things they do really well.

Hyperproof Customer

Global Data Protection Compliance Team, Fortune 500 Company

Integrate & Automate Your
Compliance Operations Processes



All your data, connected

Leverage integrations with third-party collaboration solutions including Slack, Jira, Asana, Zoom and Microsoft Team to enable seamless communication and collaboration.

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Automate your compliance efforts

Create Hypersyncs to automate evidence collection, control monitoring, and project management tasks.

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The Hyperproof Compliance Operations Platform Advantage

Unlike other GRC software, Hyperproof is built for managing compliance activities and
risks day-in and day-out, and it’s tailored to support your organization’s unique requirements.

Compliance Frameworks

30+ Supported Security and Privacy Frameworks

Hyperproof supports any and all cybersecurity, data privacy, and risk management frameworks and helps you identify and map common controls that can satisfy multiple frameworks.

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CCM Icon

Continuous Controls Monitoring Made Easy

Automatically test and monitor internal controls so you can mitigate critical risks and meet information security objectives. Get up and running in minutes.

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Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Use custom fields to tag, segment, group, and organize your compliance environment according to your specific needs.

Team Assignments

Team Assignments

Assign a control to multiple teams; each responsible for collecting evidence and testing the control.

User Management

User Management

Multiple single sign-on (SSO) systems supported: Okta, Azure Active Directory, and Auth0. Permissions to individual users can be customized based on needs and job requirements.

See the Results Our Customers Have Achieved


A Risk & Compliance Director at this software company cut down the time he personally spent on audit prep by 50%.

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Business unit stakeholders at this SaaS company were able to cut down the time they spent on audit prep work by 66%.

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One MSSP that leverages Hyperproof in their existing client engagements improved the firm’s client service capacity by 660%.

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Pricing Options

Traditional GRC applications are expensive and out-of range for all but the largest, most well-capitalized companies. Hyperproof seeks to democratize tools for security assurance and compliance work and is affordable for all budgets. See which of our four pricing tiers fits your company. No surprise fees — just full transparency.


For small to medium size companies with expanding compliance needs and a focus on efficiency.


For medium to large size companies with complex compliance needs spanning geos, products, or BUs.


For large enterprises with uber complex compliance requirements, scaling issues, and efficiency needs.

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