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Hyperproof is the platform for operationalizing compliance and risk management by enabling you to automate your workflows, prepare for audits, and mitigate risk.

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The Hyperproof Platform Advantage 


gain in process improvement for audit preparation

Take the guesswork out of preparing for audits  with confidence that your evidence is always up-to-date and accurate.


increase in productivity for compliance professionals

Get the business advantage of operationalizing risk by streamlining compliance and risk workflows so you can be proactive about risk mitigation.


improvement in visibility on compliance posture

Have complete visibility into your compliance posture so you can easily communicate your security posture to stakeholders.

Compliance Management

Optimize your compliance work by mapping common controls to compliance requirements, automating evidence collection, mitigating issues, and monitoring your compliance posture, all in one place.

Manage controls with flexibility 

Meet your organization’s needs by creating controls that fit your specific use cases and keep them up to date with easy owner assignment, task management, and control testing.

Map controls across frameworks with built-in control crosswalks

Reuse controls across multiple frameworks to satisfy requirements from multiple standards. Save time implementing new frameworks, adapting to new regulations, and managing existing frameworks as your company grows.

Automate evidence collection with Hypersyncs

Ensure your evidence is always up to date by setting up automated evidence collection using Hyperproof’s 70+ integrations and reuse evidence across multiple controls to satisfy audit requests.

Leverage integrated task management tools

Build and maintain a cohesive and uninterrupted work environment by seamlessly integrating your task management tools like Jira, Asana, and ServiceNow in one place.

Leverage integrated task management tools

Track issues and automate risk mitigation workflows 

Ensure issues are tackled immediately by easily assigning critical work on acceptance and remediation workflows. Draft prescriptive risk treatment plans by seamlessly integrating risk and controls.

Hyperproof compliance platform

Automate controls testing and escalation

Automatically test and monitor control effectiveness and auto-create tasks based on test status. Address failed tests immediately to ensure risks are mitigated and that your controls are always up to date.

Hyperproof shows you your compliance posture at a glance

Gain risk & compliance visibility

Get the reports and dashboards you need to answer questions from stakeholders, updated in real-time to understand your compliance, risk and audit-readiness posture and action items. Export custom reports or receive reports via email. 

Gain risk & compliance visibility

Risk Management

Use Hyperproof to identify and prioritize risks, orchestrate and automate risk workflows, create alignment between risk management and compliance activities, and reduce time spent on monitoring risks.

Centrally manage risks

Stop working in disparate systems to track risk. Use Hyperproof to centralize risk management by collecting and tracking your risks in the Hyperproof risk register to ensure no risk is missed.

See how risks change over time

Evaluate risks based on your company landscape

Use standard fields for evaluating each risk: tolerance, actual risk, inherent risk, likelihood and impact — all with customizable scales. Add custom fields that can function as filters on your dashboards and reports to track additional information on each risk.

Evaluate risks based on your company landscape

Manage vendor risk with ease

Maintain a central source of truth of your third party vendors and assess their risk profile and potential impact with automated assessments.

Risk Register

See how risks change over time 

Link mitigating controls to risks in the risk register and leverage built-in exportable dashboards and reports to see how your risk posture changes in real time.

Risk Register

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Audit Management

Streamline audit preparation with Hyperproof by centralizing your work in a single place and leveraging automation to ensure your evidence is up to date to satisfy auditor requests.

Audit Management
Seamless connection between controls and audit requests

Connect audit requests automatically to controls and their associated evidence, speeding up the audit readiness process and enabling you to reuse work for the next audit.

Easily collaborate with your auditors

Invite your auditor to work alongside your team in Hyperproof’s dedicated audit space to make information sharing easy while ensuring they only have access to what they need.

Know the status of your audit

Easily understand what requests still need to be done, what’s in progress, what’s being reviewed, and what’s completed with Hyperproof’s audit dashboard.

Enterprise-grade security to meet your complex needs

Easily control user access with robust roles and permissions and keep systems secure leveraging MFA and SSO with Azure via OpenID Connect (OIDC), JumpCloud and Okta.

Robust roles and permissions

Users across your organization can access what they need while still providing the safety and security compliance administrators need to meet data confidentiality requirements.


Hyperproof supports Single Sign On (SSO) with Azure via OpenID Connect (OIDC), and JumpCloud and Okta via SAML.

Multi-factor authentication 

Secure your Hyperproof instance by requiring MFA with authenticator apps like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or Authy.

SOC 2® Type II compliance

 Hyperproof’s takes compliance as seriously as its customers and successfully obtained a SOC 2® Type 2 report.

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