Integrations to Help Improve Your Compliance Program’s Effectiveness

Hyperproof integrates with dozens of services across cloud storage, project management, communications, cloud infrastructure, DevOps, security, and business applications so that compliance work can fit seamlessly into your existing business processes and workflows.

Make collaboration and communication smoother, eliminate manual work around evidence collection and review processes, and make continuous monitoring and compliance a reality. Because Hyperproof supports people working where they’d like, business stakeholders won’t need to learn new software just to do compliance work on occasion.

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Communicate Seamlessly with Stakeholders

Hyperproof connects with your existing communication tools so that stakeholders can communicate via the messaging platform of their choice and compliance managers can track and respond to all conversations within Hyperproof.

Available integrations:

Slack Zoom Microsoft Teams logo
Integrations Slack

Manage All Tasks and Projects Without Having to Switch Tools

You’re counting on your colleagues across the company to manage certain controls and provide evidence for audits in a timely manner. Hyperproof integrates natively with your existing project management tools so you can issue tasks and requests within Hyperproof and your stakeholders can respond in the apps they’re already using. All responses flow back into Hyperproof automatically.

Available integrations:

JIRA Asana

Automate Evidence Collection With Hypersync

With Hypersync - our proof automation tool - you can automatically collect evidence from dozens of cloud-based apps and services on a cadence or on-demand. Types of evidence you can automate include: Backup settings, encryption settings, access groups, list of users, code change management evidence, and more. All proof comes with meta-data, such as where it comes from, timestamp, user who set it up, etc., so auditors trust that the evidence is credible.

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Featured Hypersyncs:

Available integrations:

AWS Azure Azure DevOps Cloudfare Datadog Github Google Cloud Platform Zendesk Gusto Microsoft Intune JAMF Nessus Okta Salesforce Splunk JumpCloud ServiceNow

Access the Latest Version of Company Policies, Always

IT compliance audits always involve an auditor review of your company’s current security policies, incident response plan, business continuity plan, privacy policies, and other documents. With Hyperproof’s integrations to various cloud-based file storage systems you can automatically pull in the most current versions of important company policies and documents.

Available integrations:

Amazon S3 OneDrive for Business Dropbox Box
Google Drive Confluence logo Sharepoint
Integrations Google Drive

Put Controls Testing and Monitoring on Auto-Pilot

Avoid security incidents due to undetected control failures. In Hyperproof, you can combine multiple automations together to automate controls monitoring, testing, and review processes. Set recurring tasks to test and review controls on a defined cadence, or set up alerts to review controls based on triggers such as specific events or when evidence has exceeded user-defined parameters.

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Build Your Own Custom Integrations

Don’t see a built-in integration? No problem. Use Zapier to create your own custom, no-code integration in just a few minutes. Or sign up to be a Hyperproof Developer to leverage our API.

Custom Integrations

More Integrations Coming Soon

Hyperproof is rapidly adding new integration partners onto our platform. Check back on this page for additional integrations.

Integrations coming soon

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We got through product training in two hours. The moment our instance was set up, we started using the platform to prepare for our upcoming SOC 2 and SSPA audits.


Carl Lombardi
VP of Operations

G2 Crowd Leader Spring 2023G2 Crowd Best Estimated ROI Spring 2023G2 Crowd Best Easiest to Use Spring 2023G2 Crowd High Performer Spring 2023G2 Crowd Fastest Implementation Spring 2023