The Ultimate Guide to

Compliance Operations

The Key Capabilities of a Compliance Operations Platform

While it might be possible to bring discipline and rigor to these processes using the same tools we use now, it will be close to impossible to keep it that way. This is intuitive when you look at how various business functions are operating today. Sales teams have Salesforce. HR has Workday. Engineering has a variety of DevOp tools to efficiently execute their work. It’s time security assurance and compliance teams got their own platform for managing daily compliance operations — a place for making project plans, getting work done, tracking progress, and identifying areas for improvement.

Hyperproof’s compliance operations platform was built with these key principles of good operations in mind. Hyperproof is your assistant in creating a highly effective Compliance Operations function; it improves the way you plan information security, data privacy, and compliance projects, execute them and monitor progress and keep records:

1. Record-Keeping

Hyperproof serves as the single source of truth for all of your risks and compliance activities. Hyperproof can be where you house all infosec compliance requirements and standard frameworks (e.g. SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI, etc.), controls universe and evidence. Evidence retrieval is easy with Hyperproof, and your organization will be well-prepared for a spot audit at any time. If you choose, you can also use Hyperproof to keep track of your risks. Risks can be mapped back to existing controls — allowing you to understand how well existing risks are managed.

2. Planning

You can use Hyperproof to determine your scope of work and what needs to be done to meet compliance frameworks’ requirements (e.g., what controls need to be created), identify owners and contributors to the work, create timelines, and assign tasks. Equally important, Hyperproof will help you identify existing controls you can leverage to meet requirements for new compliance frameworks.

3. Workflow optimization and automation

Cut the time your team spends on manual tasks by up to 70 percent, and free up time to work on the most impactful activities. With Hyperproof, you can improve productivity by automating manual tasks (e.g., collect evidence automatically, set automated reminders for others to submit evidence) and remove friction points from collaborative processes.

4. Reporting and monitoring

Hyperproof makes it easy for everyone within your organization to get on the same page about what the current state of your compliance efforts are and where improvements are needed. With real time analytics, your team knows exactly where they should spend their time and energy. Potential problems, such as out-dated controls, are identified early before they metastasize into costly incidents.

5. Scaling

Hyperproof helps organizations easily scale up their information security compliance programs and manage multiple audits. With Hyperproof, you can map a control to multiple frameworks’ requirements and re-use evidence across multiple audits.

By combining the compliance operations key principles with the Hyperproof compliance operations software, you’ll bring rigor, consistency and efficiency to your security assurance and compliance program.

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