Great news! We’re excited to announce a new integration with HyperComply.

HyperComply is an industry leader in security questionnaire automation, helping companies save over 80% of time on questionnaire completion and deflect questionnaires altogether with Trust Pages.

Hyperproof customers can now take advantage of these benefits with the release of our new HyperComply integration, which helps you seamlessly pull centralized control evidence from your Hyperproof account into HyperComply. You can then use this data to automate security questionnaire responses and equip customer-facing teams with the information they need to close deals faster.

HyperComply + Hyperproof = Hyper-Scalable Security Questionnaire Responses

With the Hyperproof and HyperComply integration, you can automate the tedious manual processes that bog down your day and avoid chasing down answers to the same questions over and over again by having one place to proactively manage your team’s security and risk knowledge.

HyperComply’s CEO and Co-Founder, Amar Chahal, said this at HyperConnect, Hyperproof’s inaugural user conference earlier this month:

This integration allows Hyperproof users to respond to questionnaires more quickly and accurately than ever before. We’re excited to be building a more integrated future with Hyperproof to help companies scale their customer trust programs.

Amar Chahal, CEO and Co-Founder, Hypercomply

How it works

The new integration reduces the manual work of completing security questionnaires and security reviews so that Hyperproof users can speed up sales cycles and focus on more strategic tasks, like continuous compliance and risk mitigation. The integration enables you to set up automated control syncs to HyperComply to ensure your security questionnaire responses are as up-to-date as your Hyperproof information. 

This new integration helps you:

  • Automatically sync your controls from Hyperproof into HyperComply
  • Respond to questionnaires and one-off questions with the latest information
  • Empower customer-facing teams with the most up-to-date information so your responses are always updated and accurate

To take advantage of this integration, you can contact HyperComply here or get in touch with the Hyperproof team to learn more.

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