Hyperproof announces new integration with servicenow
Hyperproof’s ServiceNow integration will allow organizations to streamline risk management and compliance tasks

At Hyperproof, we are on a relentless drive to turn risk and compliance operations into a seamless, integrated component of all business areas.

We’re excited to announce that we have taken a significant step forward in this vision with the launch of our new ServiceNow task integration. Designed to streamline how enterprises manage risk and compliance tasks, this bidirectional integration unlocks a cohesive and uninterrupted work environment throughout your organization.

By integrating directly with ServiceNow, users can easily create, manage, and update tasks between systems, enabling teams to continue their existing workflows with no interruption. Whether you’re cataloging new compliance items, responding to incidents, or navigating complex compliance challenges, Hyperproof centralizes your efforts, streamlining your processes and boosting productivity across the board.

Recognizing the diverse needs of modern enterprises, our integration covers three ServiceNow task types: 

1. Catalog tasks

 Catalog tasks pertain to an organization’s ServiceNow catalog and are typically employed for internal support functions, such as requests for new software and hardware. These tasks facilitate the management and provisioning of organizational resources.

2. Incident tasks

Incident tasks address service disruptions or customer issues. Managed by assignment groups, these tasks are categorized based on their severity and impact to ensure timely and effective resolution.

3. Problem tasks

In ServiceNow, problem tasks focus on identifying and resolving the root causes of incidents or repeated system failures. These tasks are crucial for developing long-term solutions and maintaining detailed work notes throughout the problem-solving process.

Operational excellence through collaborative compliance

Streamline compliance management with Hyperproof’s integrations

Effective collaboration is the backbone of successful compliance management. Hyperproof’s integrations with Jira, Asana, and ServiceNow offer seamless interactions within compliance teams and across diverse organizational tiers.

This integrated approach ensures that compliance tasks are managed with the same efficiency as regular business operations, significantly reducing miscommunications and missed tasks.

A harmonious work environment

ServiceNow, Asana, and Jira integrations in Hyperproof promote a harmonious and productive work environment
Take a unified approach to compliance management to create a more harmonious work environment

With a unified approach, your compliance and business teams can maintain their focus without workflow interruptions. This creates a harmonious and productive work environment. As a result, compliance managers can engage more deeply, leading to cost-effective and efficient collaboration.

These integrations also streamline issue management, enhance control orchestration, and increase audit efficiency, ensuring these processes are effortlessly blended into your daily work.

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hyperproof and servicenow

Our world-class integrations with Jira, Asana, and ServiceNow are our commitment to leading the way in control orchestration. We’re dedicated to continuously improving, making sure our tools are not only effective but also the best in their class for your business’s growth and operational excellence.

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