Hyperproof is starting off this spring strong with an incredible 31 G2 awards!

This wouldn’t be possible without our amazing customers. Thank you all for submitting your experiences with Hyperproof and taking the time to share what you think about the platform. We are so grateful to know that the work we’re doing every day has a meaningful impact on our customers. After all, you are the true heroes of your organizations. Our mission is to empower you to do the right things so the wrong things don’t happen, and we’re thrilled to see that we are taking meaningful steps in this direction.

Here are just a few of the highlights from our awards sweep:

  • #1 – Best Relationship for Enterprise Risk Management – Mid-Market
  • #1 – Best Relationship for IT Risk Management – Mid-Market
  • #2 – Fastest Implementation – Enterprise
  • #2 – Easiest to Do Business With – Enterprise
  • #2 – Best Support – Enterprise
  • #2 – Best Support – Mid-Market

The latest round of G2 awards underscores the expansive capabilities of the Hyperproof platform. In the last five years, we’ve evolved from a compliance tool to a comprehensive GRC platform that has met diverse customer requirements, especially for large enterprises with intricate operational demands. This spring, we were recognized across multiple categories spanning security compliance, vendor management, operational risk management, and regulatory change management. These awards demonstrate our commitment to delivering top-tier services with seamless implementation, rapid deployment, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. We are so grateful to be acknowledged as the best choice for integrated, comprehensive, and user-friendly risk and compliance management solutions, consistently surpassing expectations in the industry.

Highlight: enterprise success

We talk to enterprise GRC professionals every day who tell us about how difficult it is to implement legacy software, manage their programs, and scale programs by adding new frameworks. 

Hyperproof’s control crosswalking helps you maximize your workflows by mapping controls across frameworks and automatically assigning control owners to product lines, entities, geographies, or specifics groups. We’re proud to announce that we won 10 G2 awards for from the enterprise market, including:

  • #2 – Best ROI – Enterprise
  • #2 – Easiest to Do Business With – Enterprise
  • #2 – Fastest Implementation – Enterprise
  • #3 – Best Support – Enterprise
  • #3 – Easiest Admin Experience

What our customers say

This isn’t just lip service. Check out some of our most recent G2 reviews:

Hyperproof is a collaborative tool that can be used for multiple frameworks. Hyperproof keeps evidence together so you only have to enter it once, and it tracks the evidence for any updates and makes those changes for you.

Michelle Jafari, Owner & Investor, Executive 1 Holding Company, LLC

Hyperproof is a super powerful tool for privacy teams. Their modules are very handy for creating scalable routines. It took us no time at all to implement and their customer support is *super* helpful.

Philippe Sundfeld, Senior Legal Counsel, Wildlife Studios

Hyperproof has taken our risk program to the next level. We now can automate risk reviews, vendor reviews, and also help streamline our ISO audit processes.

Cory Anderson, Manager, Information Security, Ingevity Corporation

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