Is your company using KnowBe4 Compliance Management? You may have heard that they are sunsetting the solution, and you might be looking for an alternative. There are plenty of options out there for smaller companies, but if you’re a large organization, Hyperpoof is the right choice for you.

We have an exclusive offer to anyone transitioning between KnowBe4 Compliance Management to Hyperproof:

We will waive your implementation fee, and we’ll honor your KnowBe4 pricing for the first year.

Over the last few months, we have supported many organizations making this switch. Hyperproof is a great fit if you need a flexible solution to manage your risks and compliance work across multiple frameworks including SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST CSF and more.

Hyperproof’s Native KnowBe4 Integration

To top it all off, Hyperproof has a powerful integration with KnowBe4, enabling you to automatically collect proof of training activity. Instead of having to login into KnowBe4, you can validate that employees have completed training campaigns and training activities and automatically scan training campaign reports to flag the list of users who haven’t met your training SLA, all within the Hyperproof platform. You can also alert relevant personnel to follow up with employees to complete the training. In fact, our enterprise customers, Coinflip and Malwarebytes use this integration to ensure that new hires are completing their required training within 30 days.

With Hyperproof, you also get:

  • Guided implementation, featuring a dedicated implementation consultant who will create a custom project plan, configure your account, and be with you every step of the way
  • Automated task management to ensure critical work gets done on time
  • Automated evidence collection to streamline workflows and save valuable time
  • 70+ supported frameworks
  • Control crosswalking between frameworks so you can seamlessly scale compliance and avoid duplicating work
  • Automated control testing and mitigation workflows to ensure your compliance posture is healthy
  • Robust real-time reporting and continuous insight into your compliance posture
  • Workflow automation tools that make collaborating across teams easy 
  • Tons of integrations with the tools you know and love (including KnowBe4!)

Special Offer for KnowBe4 Compliance Management Users

If you’re looking to transition to another compliance management platform, take advantage of this special offer. 

Again, that’s no implementation fee, and we’ll honor your KnowBe4 pricing for the first year.

Sounds awesome, right? Ensure your workflows don’t get disrupted by making the transition early and take advantage of this deal before it ends!

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