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Implement your first compliance framework

Build Your IT Compliance Program on a Solid Foundation

Hyperproof makes it easy to get a quick start on implementing new IT compliance frameworks, such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, CMMC, and others. With Hyperproof, you can:

  • Access templates that include a framework’s requirements (individually enumerated) plus illustrative controls as a starting point for tailoring
  • Access advisory and CPA services from Hyperproof’s partners: Leading CPA and MSSP firms who can support your security and compliance effort

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Streamline Evidence Collection and Testing

Radically reduce the amount of time spent on collecting evidence for internal and external audits with intuitive features, automated workflows and Hyperproof’s native integrations with cloud-based apps. With Hyperproof, you can:

  • Collect evidence once and re-use it across multiple controls, frameworks, and audits
  • Automatically extract evidence from cloud services, developer tools, business apps and file-sharing systems
  • Avoid having to train users to use a new tool. Engage business unit teams where they work (e.g Jira, Slack and Asana) while maintaining a single source of truth

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Create a common controls framework

Create a Common Controls Framework

Focusing on security first, creating one set of security controls, and then mapping those controls to various compliance frameworks and legal requirements will help you efficiently comply with multiple security certifications, standards, and regulations. With Hyperproof, you can:

  • Map controls to multiple frameworks’ requirements in bulk
  • Add custom information to each control, to note that it satisfies multiple laws, frameworks and/or standards
  • Create parent/child control pairings so that a common control can be applied easily to new products and/or teams

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Monitor Controls Continuously

With Hyperproof, you can automatically test and monitor internal controls that mitigate critical risks across your business. CCM can help your organization maintain a solid security posture, ensure business continuity and regulatory compliance. With Hyperproof you can:

  • Set up automated tasks and reminders for people to perform control activities according to company policies
  • Automatically pull in evidence of control activities from third-party cloud-based systems
  • Set up automated tests that scan the evidence to detect control deficiencies
  • Send automatic notifications to designated control operators when their controls fail
  • View accurate control health status reports

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Maintain an effective risk management program

Break down risk silos and avoid redundant activities. Use Hyperproof to identify, assess, and manage your risks in the context of your company’s core mission and objectives while avoiding duplicative work. With Hyperproof, you can:

  • Maintain a central registry to track risks and document risk mitigation plans
  • Map controls to risks and compliance requirements, eliminating duplicative efforts
  • Reduce time spent on monitoring risks

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Report on your risk, security, and compliance

Report on your risk, security, and compliance posture

Monitor your risk, security, and compliance posture in real-time via dashboards, showcase your team’s progress with custom reports, and effectively communicate to company executives why security and compliance work matter. With Hyperproof, you can:

  • Show executives a high level view of your organization’s compliance posture
  • Get an accurate view of risks in real time and prioritize risk mitigation activities
  • Build ad-hoc, customizable reports to answer your own or your stakeholders questions quickly

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Manage vendors effectively

Manage all of your vendors and easily assess vendors’ security and compliance posture -- all within one platform. With Hyperproof, you can:

  • Maintain a central register of all vendors, including contracts, vendor risk assessment questionnaires, and internal control activities to mitigate vendor risk
  • Assess each vendor’s security and compliance posture through customizable questionnaires
  • Easily leverage questionnaire responses as proof of compliance measures

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Stand up a custom program

Stand up a custom compliance or governance framework

Your organization may need to adhere to industry-specific and regional laws and regulations. Hyperproof makes it easy for you to import a custom compliance framework into the system and manage all controls in one place. With Hyperproof, you can:

  • Upload a spreadsheet into Hyperproof; Hyperproof automatically converts it into a structured program, with each requirement individually enumerated
  • Document controls in Hyperproof, collect evidence, test controls and remediate issues
  • See your compliance posture in real-time

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Manage a privacy program

Manage a privacy program

Stand up an enterprise-wide privacy program that keeps you in compliance with all privacy laws that matter to your business and manage your privacy program effectively on a day to day basis. With Hyperproof, you can:

  • Track all risks and results of risk assessments
  • Implement a privacy program using a holistic framework, such as the NIST Privacy Framework
  • Manage a set of controls mapped to multiple data privacy laws and requirements
  • Gather evidence of your control activities and automate workflows
  • Gauge progress made within your program and prioritize activities

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Hyperproof Supports Many Compliance Frameworks

Whether you’re looking to implement security frameworks, data privacy programs or ensure adherence with other regulatory requirements, Hyperproof can make your life easier with our structured templates.


A Plan for Every Step of Your
Compliance Operations Journey


For small to medium size companies with expanding compliance needs and a focus on efficiency.


For medium to large size companies with complex compliance needs spanning geos, products, or BUs.


For large enterprises with uber complex compliance requirements, scaling issues, and efficiency needs.

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We got through product training in two hours. The moment our instance was set up, we started using the platform to prepare for our upcoming SOC 2 and SSPA audits.


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