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Risk/Response Partners With Hyperproof to Provide Compliance As a Service To Clients 




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Risk/Response was founded to support its client’ security journey with a focus on meeting the practical needs of businesses whenever they are in their growth journey. Jonathan Major, Principal Security Advisor and Founder at Risk/Response, provides clients with fractional CISO and Compliance services to protect their business and customer data.

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Why Risk and Response Chose to Partner With Hyperproof

Earlier this year, Risk/Response started to work with a new client in the insurance marketplace space. The client tapped Major and his team to help them establish a robust information security function, work towards SOC 2 conformance and manage its compliance program on an ongoing basis. Establishing an effective security function and compliance program quickly are business imperatives for this client, because compliance enables their business development team to be able to aggressively compete for new deals.

Risk/Response wanted to do right by this client. Major started to look for solutions that would allow him to help his client stand up a compliance program quickly and manage it effectively on an ongoing basis—as circumstances, strategies and the environment in which the client operates changes.

Hyperproof caught Major’s attention because its continuous compliance approach allows companies to launch a new compliance program quickly and manage multiple compliance programs (e.g. SOC 2 and ISO 27001) with minimal effort. Hyperproof also tracks key components of control health, and provides drillable reporting to compliance managers and senior leaders so they can understand their compliance posture in real-time.

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Compliance programs are complex, so having a platform for organizing them consistently is essential. In Hyperproof, I can select compliance requirements applicable to my client’s business and create custom controls to help the client meet those requirements. As I help my client refine their compliance program, I can easily re-evaluate which requirements apply to their business and adjust their controls to meet those requirements. Hyperproof also simplifies the audit process; I can easily associate evidence with corresponding audit requests.

Jonathan Major

Principal Security Advisor and Founder // Risk/Response

Jonathan Major

“My client is embracing Hyperproof. With Hyperproof, I am able to help my client manage their compliance program more effectively on an ongoing basis. The tool comes with automation features that makes it easy for people to upload fresh evidence, respond to pending evidence requests and gain visibility into out-of-date controls.”

In addition to the features, Major also likes Hyperproof’s approach to business.

“A lot of existing GRC offerings are expensive and complex to implement — thus difficult for startups and small businesses to afford and implement. Hyperproof is competitively priced and easy to get started with, and is extensibile when needed.”

Equally important, Major sees his firm’s partnership with Hyperproof as a business enabler:

Having a partnership with Hyperproof elevates my business as a trusted advisor to our clients. When clients use Hyperproof, they can visually understand the state of their compliance program and see exactly what Risk/Response is doing to help them make progress. This creates a level of transparency and trust that didn’t exist before. Plus, I really enjoy working with the Hyperproof customer success team—they’re a great partner!”

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With Hyperproof, Risk/Response was able to create a single source of truth for compliance and automated routine, repetitive work, steamlining workflows and reducing work for teams across the organization.

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