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How Are Compliance Operations Platforms Different From Traditional GRC Tools?

Although GRC tools have existed for over a decade, most have their roots in risk tracking and/or policy management. They weren’t built for the tasks today’s security assurance and compliance professionals must tackle. This category of software was born at a time when cybersecurity and data privacy regulations were a less onerous burden on information-based businesses than they are now. Fast forward to 2021: it’s not unusual for a mid-size organization to have hundreds of business applications and processes that affect the security of information. The number of stakeholders involved in security compliance has risen exponentially. As such, compliance professionals need to collect proof of security controls from many more places and people than they’ve had to in the past.

Specifically, traditional GRC tools are not meant to help organizations with collecting and managing evidence on a continuous basis — a highly tedious, yet necessary task for maintaining a solid security posture. Further, they’re often not intuitive to use and thus require a lot of training before people are comfortable on the platform.

On the other hand, compliance operations software like Hyperproof is specifically built for today, when protecting information — and your ability to prove you can protect that information — has become paramount to business success. Compliance operations software like Hyperproof’s purpose is to help security assurance and compliance professionals stay on top of critical risk management activities and manage those activities in the most efficient way. For instance, Hyperproof can help an organization effectively structure their infosec compliance program (e.g., understand similar requirements across multiple frameworks to minimize redundant work), automate evidence collection and management, reduce audit fatigue, and gain real-time visibility into control performance and update controls whenever it’s needed.

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