Collaborative Compliance

Forward Thinking: Joining Forces Between Security and Compliance

Eoin Hudson Opinions

The takeaway: collaborative compliance management is the key to unlocking value. Democratizing compliance improves efficiency, demystifies and evangelizes, benefits stakeholders across the organization.
Hyperproof summary: Hyperproof believes that the critical element of an effective and efficient compliance program is collaboration. Because we know that it touches all areas of the business and overlaps with goals across the company. A. Benjamin Mannes’, a nationally recognized subject matter expert in security and public safety, article highlights this fact by focusing on security and compliance and the shared benefits achieved when they work together.

This intersectionality is most noticeable in the area of cybersecurity, “it is clear that compliance and security overlap… Therefore, it is essential for security and compliance professionals to work together.” As we discussed in our previous blog, resources are limited, so pooling those resources can pay dividends—not just in funding, but in talent and perspective.

The article doesn’t go into a great many specifics, and places a lot of attention on the resource gap between the two departments, but the perspective is sound, and the resulting conclusion is one that should be top-of-mind for everyone in risk management.
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