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Startup Law A to Z: Regulatory Compliance

Matt Lehto Opinions

Opinion Summary:

Startups and their founders may not appreciate the complex regulatory and public policy ecosystem they exist within. Many startups adopt an ask “for forgiveness” strategy in relation to laws and regulations. They do so at significant risk. The best way to avoid setbacks, that could derail your new business, is to understand relevant regulations and work to develop compliant policies from the beginning. Daniel and the TechCrunch team have done a great job outlining the regulations a startup should consider. No analysis is comprehensive but the regulatory list provided is a good start. Click the link below to see the entire article.

(Daniel McKenzie | TechCrunch)

Hyperproof Perspective:

Hyperproof is a startup itself. Fortuitously we are focused on a compliance solution that makes it easy to adopt the controls needed to comply even as a small business. We understand it is a challenge for big and small companies alike. We are working hard to make it simpler.

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