We’re excited to announce Hyperproof’s new partnership with SafeBase, the leading Trust Center platform. Through this partnership, our mutual customers will access the industry’s most impactful combination of trust-focused technology, including a platform to help them efficiently manage compliance and risk initiatives in one place and a Trust Center to demonstrate their commitment to security to buyers and customers.

Fortify your security posture with Hyperproof

With Hyperproof, organizations can efficiently manage multiple compliance frameworks and risks in a single place so they can focus on what matters most: keeping their companies secure and growing. Hyperproof helps organizations maintain a single source of truth to understand and communicate their security postures, mitigate risks, prepare for audits, and unlock new business opportunities. Hyperproof is a platform that truly operationalizes your risk and compliance workflows so you can make GRC a strategic initiative for your company, not just a cost center.

This partnership is the beginning of a long and meaningful relationship between Hyperproof and SafeBase. We share a vision for a world where trust is prioritized by both organizations and their buyers. By coming together to automate compliance and security-related tasks, we’ll give our customers the tools to focus on the customer experience, on raising the bar on their security efforts, and build the relationships that drive sustainable customer trust.

Craig Unger, CEO and Founder, Hyperproof

Seamlessly communicate your security posture with SafeBase

SafeBase enables organizations to showcase the strength of their security posture while reducing the burden of buyer security reviews with the industry’s leading Trust Center. Organizations that use SafeBase routinely see dramatic time savings in security reviews, significantly fewer security questionnaires, and improved buyer experiences related to security.

The unique combination of Hyperproof and SafeBase allows organizations to elevate their efforts to drive customer trust through transparency, proactivity, and increased control. Now, security teams can leverage best-in-breed technology to both build a strong security and compliance posture and most effectively communicate that posture to buyers and customers. With the integrations and insights inherent to both Hyperproof and SafeBase’s platforms, customers will be well set up to drive sustainable trust through cybersecurity.

Al Yang, CEO and Co-Founder, SafeBase

Hyperproof + SafeBase: a winning combination for customer confidence

With Hyperproof and SafeBase, customers can expect to reduce the time and effort spent on compliance audits and risk management, reduce the burden of buyer security reviews, and improve the customer experience while increasing customer trust. Our customers agree:

As the leading AI-driven account-based marketing platform, we take our commitment to security very seriously. Hyperproof and SafeBase have transformed our approach to security, streamlining compliance management and helping us confidently communicate our security posture with customers. This powerful duo has saved us time and improved our ability to be transparent and proactive about our security with our customers.”

Jammie Lockett CRISC, CISA, CDPSE, Director, Risk and Compliance, DemandBase

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